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Because being a great therapist isn't enough to build an awesome practice.
Because being a great therapist
isn't enough to build an awesome practice.
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Bootstrapping [video]

I have talked with a LOT of therapists over the last month… and I have heard stories of inspiration… and heartbreak. I talk about one of those stories on the video that I made for you (complete with outtakes – one comical and one dead-serious).

But I also want to talk about something that is difficult to talk about: Money.

A number of times I’ve heard the phrase “you’ve got to spend money to make money.” And yes, I actually agree with that… but with a caveat: You need to invest wisely to create growth and progress in your practice.

Throwing money at misdirected marketing will not bring you new clients.

It is critical that you spend money in a strategic way; that you invest in learning the strategy behind the marketing so that you can customize your investments to make them work for you.

Purchasing a one-size-fits-all marketing template probably isn’t a great idea in my opinion.

Running a prolonged online advertising campaign without analyzing returns shortly into it, before you get too deep, also isn’t a great idea.

Spending years waffling around in your own business without knowing the why, how, or what of how to grow your business is also a waste of time and money in my opinion.

What I would recommend is finding someone who has done a LOT of bootstrapping, and has learned a thing or three, and get them to teach you how they did it… and have them mentor you in creating your own business that is uniquely yours (not just a carbon copy of theirs).

If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably have a pretty clear sense of who I am and what I stand for at this point. If you think you want a practice, like mine where I generate consistent, predictable income, and can take time off (and still pay myself my salary), reach out and let’s talk about getting you enrolled in the Group Intensive.

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