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Because being a great therapist isn't enough to build an awesome practice.
Because being a great therapist
isn't enough to build an awesome practice.
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Do you meet with a consultation group? [Video]

Last week I was reminded how powerful it is to have a community of therapists around me. I remembered how good it feels to have a conversation with someone else who really gets it, and how energizing it feels to present a case and receive insightful feedback.

In this week’s video, I talk about my experience and present a challenge for you.

Check it out here:

Let me know how you do with the challenge or if you’ve already achieved it! And as always, please share with your people and comment on vimeo.

Talk soon,

4 Responses

  1. Teece says:

    Hey Evan, do you do this in person or video chat or some other way? This is my goal for 2017. I haven’t done peer consultation this year and miss it as I have been developing other aspects of my practice?

    • Evan Center says:

      My consult group is in-person, but I have also been a part of groups that are on the phone. Personally, I prefer in-person, but it really depends on who you have in your community. The other thing I would add is that my consult group is not entirely focused on those who work with teens and young adults and parents… I appreciate the diversity of perspectives that we have and it doesn’t mean that someone who specializes in working with trauma in adults for example doesn’t have anything meaningful to share with me when I present a case of a teen. It helps keep it fresh and helps me broaden my perspective.

  2. Carol says:

    What a coincidence! I guess great minds run in the same paths! Today at our local LPC monthly meeting, I announced that I was creating a DBT consultation group for those who use DBT in private practice. Since there are few DBT therapists in my area, I sense a great need and am near completion of an eight week intensive training for certification. We must have 200 consultation hours. I had really good feedback from my colleagues! We should kick off the first of the year.

    • Evan Center says:

      I love that you’re doing this and that people are responding well! Congrats on making this happen, Carol!