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Because being a great therapist isn't enough to build an awesome practice.
Because being a great therapist
isn't enough to build an awesome practice.
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Driver’s Ed for Therapists

One of the things I hear from therapists is that they want to build their practice on their own.

I get it. That was me. (And I’ll be sharing more about my story in next week’s webinar).

The thing is, even when I began working with my business coach to guide my process–to help me cut to the meat of what works–it was still a process of co-creation: discovering the right process for me to be build my practice.  As a therapist, who does exactly this (guides others through a co-created process of change) I knew that this was the only way for me to work with a coach. Also, as a therapist, I knew the importance of reaching out for that guidance piece; none of us builds success alone, in any area of our lives.

I think about when I was learning to drive.

My amazing driver’s ed teacher taught me the precise steps for parallel parking and helped me practice over and over until I could do it in under 10 seconds. I still think about those steps every time I park. Now, the interesting thing is that there were lots of other people around me who could also drive (my parents for example!), but no one broke it down like that teacher did. Nor did they have the experience that he did: knowing not only what worked, but how to explain and guide others through what worked. No one could systematize it for me like him.

That is the gift of having someone who is really focused on guiding you, breaking down the steps, making the path clear for you. I know I probably could have learned to drive with my parents’ help – and they were a part of learning to drive for sure, but it is those steps–from someone who knew not only how to do but also how to teach, and took joy in doing so–that stick with me twenty years later.

I can still whip my car into a spot in under 10 seconds.

If you are ready to commit to building your practice and you’re ready to accept some step-by-step instructions from someone who has not only done it themselves, but has spent time breaking it down so that the path can be followed and recreated by others, I’d encourage you to join me for a webinar next week: The 6-Months Of Smarter Work That Changed My Business.

Join me to learn the next steps to building your own practice. Register here to be on the webinar.

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