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Because being a great therapist isn't enough to build an awesome practice.
Because being a great therapist
isn't enough to build an awesome practice.
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Private Practice Cornerstone

The Critical Building Block for your Profitable Practice: A Four-Part Video Series

Building a business takes work.
I will not lie to you and pretend that it doesn’t. But I was working hard at my private practice for a full year after I left my agency job, and my business was just barely limping along.

Why? Because my efforts lacked clear direction; I hadn’t yet laid this critical cornerstone, which informs the rest of the work it takes to build a profitable practice.

The most valuable piece of information that turned my private practice into a profitable business (after struggling in it for a year) sounded much too simplistic to work when it was first suggested to me.

But when I finally stopped doubting and resisting it, this one thing jump-started a completely different approach to my practice, which took me from making inconsistent, unpredictable, and inadequate income to bringing in over $10,000 per month… every month.

No one taught me this in grad school and most therapists don’t even realize what they are missing in terms of business savvy. I certainly didn’t.

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Does this sound like you?

  • Have you ever felt like you are forgettable – that you let people know that you are a therapist, have a private practice, are accepting clients, but they never send you any referrals?
  • You’re leaving agency work for a reason, but you have no idea how to build something different from what you’ve been trained in (i.e. seeing anyone and everyone and working heinous hours).
  • You read a book for a particular client situation, and when your client quits, your time feels wasted, since you don’t know if or when you’ll use that information again.
  • You’re desperate to take any client who comes your way, so you do… against your better judgement.
Most therapists go into private practice without the proper business foundation in place. And many who are thinking about developing their practice as a business jump right into the business cards, the web marketing, and finding an office space, not realizing that there is a critical building block that must be laid before the framework of a profitable business is built.

It’s no wonder that so many therapists don’t make it in private practice, or struggle for years and years.

That was me; I was there.

A few years ago, I too had no idea how to make a solid living as a therapist. I’d left my agency job thinking it would just happen for me – and it didn’t. I made it my mission to master the business side of running a thriving private practice. And once I got my own private practice cranking, I started teaching other therapists how to do what I did in their own practice.

Today I have helped therapists across the country build their practices into something sustainable AND lucrative. And it all starts with knowing what you are good at. Yep. That simple. You may be cringing right now, but let me explain.

You may think that signing up for every insurance panel, slashing your rates, and spending thousands of dollars on ads or even SEO for your website will build your practice, but it won’t. The answer is owning your expertise.

I did it (finally), and it worked.

Here are 5 things that can happen (finally!)

…when you get CLEAR on and OWN your EXPERTISE:

  • 1. Make more money.

    When you identify and cultivate an expertise, you have the ability to charge like a specialist. (Which do you think makes more: a family doc or a cardiologist?) Plus, you’ll find that you don’t have to remain in-network (or join in the first place), freeing you up to actually charge what you are worth AND provide the type of client care you know is best.

  • 2. Book your calendar months in advance.

    Being clear on your expertise allows you to create offerings for your ideal clients which meet their clinical needs. This creates satisfied and happy clients who keep you booked (and tell their friends about you too). A booked calendar means predictable income; any self-employed person can appreciate that.

  • 3. Feel in control of your business’s future.

    Once you start down this path, you’ll be able to build the business structure, client care structure, financial structure and marketing plan that allow you to have a predictable future in business. But you’ve got to have the cornerstone in place first to line up the rest.

  • 4. Invest in trainings that are actually engaging and useful.

    You know those trainings you go to because they are convenient/ free/ nearby/ get-you-the-hours-you-need? Well, what if you had the income to actually choose to go to the trainings that truly engage you, help you further develop your expertise, and contribute valuable skills and perspectives to your work? Now you can do that.

  • 5. Become the go-to expert in your community.

    Owning your expertise allows you to become a real resource to your community, providing excellent client care… and keeping you as busy as you’d like.

Every good therapist has the potential to build a thriving private practice… allowing you to take the time off you want, live the way you want to, and make a real difference in your community and the lives of your clients.Plus, if you don’t build the right foundation, you’ll end up needing to restructure, rewrite, and rebuild everything once you do figure it out.

I don’t want you to set yourself up for a lackluster practice and obscurity within your community. (Or even worse, to have to go crawling back to agency work in a year or two when you can’t figure out how to make a real living from private practice.)

And you don’t need to!

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And get this: you can purchase it risk-free. I’m fully backing this training with a guarantee. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, let me know within seven days, and I’ll issue a refund: no questions asked.

Meet Evan Center, MS, LCPC

When I finally left my agency job to do private practice full time, I thought it would come easily. I had been working in community agencies for a few years and knew a lot of people around town – I thought referrals would come rolling in, and looking at the numbers, I figured it wouldn’t be hard to replace my agency income if I got on all the insurance panels and charged the allowable rate.

Boy was I wrong.

It actually took almost a year for my husband to start asking when I was going to start bringing in more income; I had started to wonder much earlier than that!

I was bringing in up to a few thousand a month, but we were strapped. I would drop my daughter off at a home-based day care right before sessions and then pick her up as soon as they ended so I didn’t pay for more time than I had to. I would have to return phone calls while she napped so I didn’t sound unprofessional with a toddler in the background. My husband did my bookkeeping in the evenings after work. (Thank you and I’m sorry I made you do that!)

So one year in, I decided to admit that I had no idea how to run a business with no formal business training. I hired a business coach, went to a training on marketing writing and one on finance, and I took my practice from inconsistent and scary to abundant and predictable.

The #1 thing that my first business coach taught me… the one thing that led to everything else I have built and created, was owning my niche. AND, I fought her kicking and screaming. I didn’t want a homogenous practice. I didn’t want to box myself in. I didn’t want to work with clients I already felt burnt out on working with.

But it turned out that having a niche didn’t mean a homogenous practice; it meant a thriving and full practice. Having a niche meant allowing myself to go to engaging trainings, not boxing myself in. Discovering and owning my expertise allowed me to refine my niche further than just teens in general, to only those teens whose parents were willing to also be involved and do their own work (and those kind of clients were not the ones that were exhausting me).

Private Practice Cornerstone

The Critical Building Block for your Own Profitable Practice

This is the same process I initially created for myself, and have since led other therapists through (and now they are creating consistent, predictable and abundant practices of their own). And so I turned this piece–this critical cornerstone that’s the first thing I teach to the therapists in my Solo- and Group-Intensives–into a four-part video series, so that you can learn and implement it now (in less than two hours, including time to pause and work on the exercise through which I guide you).

“My very first meeting with Evan clarified so much for me. She helped me understand who I am as a therapist and go from nervous that I wasn’t good enough to understanding that what I offer is unique and valuable. The class has taken those first shifts and built on them to give me the nuts and bolts of how to take my talent and turn it into a business.”
“I was contacted by another clinician because he has a family he wants to refer for parenting/co-parenting work (he’s the children’s therapist). At the end of our conversation, he was “sold” and is going to encourage these clients to contact me. Because I could explain it clearly, he knows what to tell these clients. He can say ‘Contact C———-. She sounds like a good fit because XYZ.’”

Here is what I’ll cover in the four videos:


This combination of four short videos and worksheet will guide you through a process to identify your expertise, even if you’re pretty sure you don’t have one. I’ve coached therapists in my Group Intensives and even in my private Solo Intensives through this very process and I led this particular training as a live CEU class in Bozeman, MT.

In less than two hours, you’ll have your niche nailed, AND understand why this one thing is so critical and how to use it to your advantage in private practice.

Once you get clear on this, it will become the foundation from which you build everything else – your marketing, your business structure, your clinical structure, your sales structure, your website, even your business name.

If you try to move forward in private practice without identifying and owning your expertise (and over and over I’ve seen that even when therapist think they know what their niche is, most don’t until they’ve followed the exercise my team and I have developed), you will waste time and money.

Figure it out now and …

  • you’ll be able to build marketing materials (website included) that really reflect who you are and what you offer (and you won’t have to redo it in a year!)
  • you will become known in your community for what you do
  • you’ll be able to promote yourself and your business in a way that is truly authentic and genuine (no more fear of marketing because it feels slimy!)

When you invest in this video series, you will gain immediate access to:

  • 4 Videos

    totaling 60+ minutes of guidance from Evan Center, LCPC, teaching you how to discover and use your innate expertise to build a profitable practice

  • PDF Worksheet

    so you can work along with the steps as I guide you through this process

  • BONUS Limited-Time Offer: 30 Minute Phone Consultation

    For a limited time only, the purchase of the Private Practice Cornerstone includes an invitation to talk with Evan one-on-one for 30-minutes. Just you and her, on the phone, talking about your practice and your goals.

Start the Private Practice Cornerstone Training Now

This video series is for you if…

  • You have a private practice and want it to allow you to
    • make more money
    • do better clinical work
    • become known in your community for what you do
    • work with clients you absolutely love and make great progress with
    • get clear on your own value (and charge what you are worth)
    • or are thinking about participating in Center Institute’s next 6-Month Group Intensive
  • You plan to start a private practice within the next six months and you want to
    • hit the ground running
    • make sure you have all the pieces dialed before you start
    • begin building a name for yourself
    • or are thinking about participating in Center Institute’s next 6-Month Group Intensive

This is not for you if…

  • You have minimal clinical and life experience
  • You are not interested in starting a private practice or in making a living doing excellent clinical work outside an agency setting
  • You are bringing in over $100,000/year already in your private practice and are just looking for more consistency and predictability (or to increase beyond that number). If this last descriptor is you, check this out:
    Private Solo Intensives

Start the Private Practice Cornerstone Training Now

You can purchase this training risk-free. I’m fully backing it with a guarantee. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, let me know within seven days, and I’ll issue a refund: no questions asked.

Here’s the deal: therapists in private practice have different talents, and you’re not the right therapist for every client. But you are the perfect therapist for certain clients.

Once you identify and own your own expertise, you’ll be able to build the practice you want and provide excellent care to those clients who are right for you. But I know that even entertaining the idea that you are an “expert” at something within our field is pretty antithetical to our training and for most of us, our mentality. That is a good thing. I think the ideal is to aim for a place of knowing what you are good at and still knowing that you will always need to keep learning and growing as a clinician.

This is what this video series is about. If you are willing to look critically at the work you do, identify your real strengths as a clinician (and your preferences) and then build a practice around that, you’ll be a wonderful asset to the clients who find you. (And it will be easier for you to get the word out to them so they actually can find you!)

You won’t be sorry you did this. If you do the work, I will guide you through the steps to this critical building block for your fulfilling and profitable private practice.

Talk with you soon,

“When I met Evan and we began our work… she asked who my ideal client was. I had just terminated with a little 6 yr old 1st grader struggling with severe school anxiety. We worked for 6 months to conquer her anxiety… I was so excited when we finished b/c Katie truly had and used the tools she learned. Tonight I had an email from Katie’s mom saying Katie was doing great, continuing to use her tools and was doing a project on heroes and had to pick a hero to talk about. She chose ME!!!! OMG humbled, it still takes my breath away to think of the honor it is to do what I do all day. Evan, you are MY hero! My practice is ROCKING!”

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