Center Institute

Because being a great therapist isn't enough to build an awesome practice.
Because being a great therapist
isn't enough to build an awesome practice.
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I needed steady, predictable
income from my practice.
Now I’ve got that.
Changing my business model
has given me time to take
care of myself as well as I
take care of my clients.
I get to determine what
treatment makes the most
sense for my clients; no more
insurance company limitations.
I never realized I
could double my income
and still pick my kids
up from school.
I was afraid I would lose
clients when I stopped working
with insurance. Turns out, clients
value quality over coverage.

Hello fellow counselor/therapist/social worker/psychologist!

Are you ready to figure this private practice thing out? Yeah. I thought so. Let’s picture you, in your office…

  • working with the clients you love seeing,
  • having control over your schedule and how many people you help each day,
  • AND generating consistent, predictable income that exceeds what you made/ are making at the agency.

After all, you got this degree so you could help people, work less and make more.

But you’re afraid…

  • That clients won’t find you,
  • That you’ll be stuck in a lease without any income/ spend money on marketing that doesn’t work,
  • Or that you really don’t know how to run a business and you are going to screw it up.

Because, hey, they taught you how to be a therapist in grad school, but they didn’t teach you about how to find clients and run a business!

That is where I come in. I was there, but I figured out a better way to run a business and I will teach you how to do it too.

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  • Phone and email scripts
  • List of Dos and Don’ts

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I created Center Institute because I believe:

  • Therapists should work with those clients who are the best fit – that is what research tells us, so why aren’t we doing it?

(If you’d like to talk to me about this, feel free to get in touch.)

When I first left my job at a clinic, I accepted any potential clients who called and wanted to see me; I needed to. I was desperate to help people, but I was also desperate to be able to pay myself and make my business work. But what that meant was that I ended up working with some clients who were not an ideal fit for my orientation and style. Did I cause them any harm? Certainly not. But was I the best fit for them and did they make as much progress as they could have if I had been operating from a place of plenty (as I am now) and had the ability to refer them to someone who I thought would be a better match for them? Heck yeah!

Here’s the rub: Therapists do this because they really want to help people. But they also need to make a living. And when you have not figured out how to make a consistent, predictable living doing this work, you end up taking on clients from a place of fear. We don’t want our clients to be operating that way, so why are we?

You weren’t born knowing how to be a great therapist. You went to school for that. So why are you trying to figure out how to run a business without any training? You don’t have to spend the next five or ten years struggling trying to figure this out. Get in touch today to start learning how to run your private practice like a business so you can reach more people and have the kind of life you want. I know it is possible and I will show you how.