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Because being a great therapist isn't enough to build an awesome practice.
Because being a great therapist
isn't enough to build an awesome practice.
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[video] Interview with Chicago therapist Kathleen Brennan

I am very excited today to introduce you to a wonderful Chicago area therapist, Kathleen Brennan. I have been following Kathleen and watching her grow her practice ever since she worked with me a few years ago.  She is a very grounded, thoughtful, and driven therapist—but not in a bring in a million bucks kind of way—in a way that really resonates with me.

Listen to the interview below to hear our conversation on creating a realistic schedule, setting definitive goals, and organizing the life you want as a therapist in private practice. (Also you can check out Kathleen’s podcast On the Blue Couch to hear more! Click here to subscribe.)

I hope you find inspiration in the interview.

Also, a quick reminder to block out the morning of Monday, January 23rd and reserve your seat at the table for my Chicago event. I am really excited to create the opportunity for Chicago therapists to sit down with experts to answer your questions about business structure, retirement savings, and money management in private practice.

  • S-corp or LLC?
  • Simple IRA, Roth or Traditional?
  • Leverage of save up to invest?
  • HSA, Dependent Care Savings Act, and other strategies to save at tax time…

Now that you’ve hung your shingle and have clients… let’s talk about how your business can go to the next level (whatever that is for you) so you can create the life you want.

See you there,

Don’t forget: Austin, DC, Tampa, LA, NYC… you’re all on my list to visit in the first half of 2017.



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