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Because being a great therapist isn't enough to build an awesome practice.
Because being a great therapist
isn't enough to build an awesome practice.
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As a therapist with a successful private practice (that didn’t start out as such), I created the Group Intensive because therapists need guidance that truly fits with the work we do – not just generic business skills that you then have to translate.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for a few years, you can build a successful practice that satisfies your need for adequate income, predictability, time off, gratifying work and a sense of control around all aspects of your business, through a group process that banishes that feeling of isolation that comes up in private practice.

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Have you been in private practice for fewer than 5 years?

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If you’ve been in private practice for longer than five years, and you want to increase your income or make it more predictable, Center Institute has a Solo Intensive for therapists who want one-on-one guidance from Evan in a concentrated block.

If private practice is still a ways down the road for you, here’s another tool designed to help you as you travel that path. And you can implement and benefit from this course right now in your clinical work, even without an active private practice.

Learn about the Private Practice Cornerstone

Do you want:

  • a full practice (defined as the number of clients you find to be ideal)
  • clients who are a great fit
  • income that’s consistent and reflective of what you’re worth

We’ve design the Six-Month Group Intensive for therapists like you.

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Meet Evan Center, MS, LCPC

When I finally left my agency job to do private practice full time, I thought it would come easily. I had been working in community agencies for a few years and knew a lot of people around town – I thought referrals would come rolling in, and looking at the numbers, I figured it wouldn’t be hard to replace my agency income if I got on all the insurance panels and charged the allowable rate.

Boy was I wrong.

It actually took almost a year for my husband to start asking when I was going to start bringing in more income; I had started to wonder much earlier than that!

I was bringing in up to a few thousand a month, but we were strapped. I would drop my daughter off at a home-based day care right before sessions and then pick her up as soon as they ended so I didn’t pay for more time than I had to. I would have to return phone calls while she napped so I didn’t sound unprofessional with a toddler in the background. My husband did my bookkeeping in the evenings after work. (Thank you and I’m sorry I made you do that!)

So one year in, I decided to admit that I had no idea how to run a business with no formal business training. I hired a business coach, went to a training on marketing writing and one on finance, and I took my practice from inconsistent and scary to abundant and predictable.

I had to translate a lot that my coach taught me into things that actually made sense within the therapy context. I also made a bunch of mistakes. But once I got my business cranking I found I couldn’t stop talking about business with other therapists. I’d never thought of myself as a business-type person, but all of a sudden, my brain was working in a new way – I could see business problems and find solutions, and I loved this new-found creative outlet. I had no idea running a business could be so fun.

The other thing I realized was that the therapists around me were thirsty for this kind of information and there was nowhere else to get it. What I was talking about was something entirely new. Even other therapist-business coach hybrids weren’t talking about this new structure I had landed upon.

So I took a leap. I asked loads of therapists what they needed and compiled twelve content areas where therapists needed the most help in order to create consistent and reliable income in practices that actually brought them satisfaction and produced great clinical results.

From there I recruited my first group of therapists to guide through this process. It turned out that what I had been doing in my own practice worked for other therapists around the country – it wasn’t an isolated phenomenon that only I could achieve. It was repeatable and the methods were learnable.

Schedule with Evan to discuss joining the Group Intensive

You’ll be connected with other therapists around the country who are also figuring out their groove with private practice and you’ll have access to Evan as a mentor. She has figured this stuff out so you don’t have to do it on your own.

Here’s a sampling of what some of our past participants have said:

I love knowing I’m not doing this “alone.” I was connected with peers working on the same parts of the course. Even though our career stages, styles, clients, and locations are different, it felt very supportive to have other clinicians offering advice, cheering me on, and to lean on when I felt unsure or overwhelmed.

In Jan of this year I was in a sink or swim situation after being in private practice a year. I needed to make something happen or go find a job, instead I found Evan! My promise to self if I was going to spend money on her program and put more bills on credit card was I was going to do everything she recommended, I never missed a call or an appointment and I walked through all the fear. I ran my numbers again this week and am astonished to report my gross figures are now at $12,000/mth! Never ever in a thousand years would I have dreamed I would be here. I am not paneled with insurance (except MA which I take a few clients at a time). My goal now is to raise my rates and cut my number of clients back. YOU ALL CAN DO THIS – I AM NOT SPECIAL, only hard working and stubborn and wasn’t going to fail b/c it wasn’t an option.

So excited! I was contacted by another clinician because he has a family he wants to refer for parenting/co-parenting work (he’s the children’s therapist). I talked with him as if my program already existed, about how I work, etc. At the end of our conversation, he was “sold” and is going to encourage these clients to contact me. What I’m excited about is I actually presented the program as if it existed, without apology or uncertainty, and it felt really good. And because I could explain it clearly, he knows what to tell these clients. He can say “contact C———-. She sounds like a good fit because XYZ.”

Exciting progress! While I haven’t called all 5 people yet for this week’s challenge, the first one I *did* call lead to a meeting which will lead me hosting a talk at her venue. And, she’s eager to have me as part of an on-going series. It feels like I might even become her “resident expert.” I read her website and when I got to the “I want this to be a place where caregivers can connect and get support” I knew I could help make that happen for her. I don’t think I ever would have had that on my radar if it weren’t for the Avatar and Program work we’ve done so far.

Schedule with Evan to discuss joining the Group Intensive

Committing approximately 2-3 hours per week to the Group Intensive program has made a measurable difference for real therapists across the country (and even one across the globe).

The Six-Month Group Intensive includes:

2x per month, Evan guides you through an hour-long intensive class focused on one aspect of building your awesome practice

2x per month, connect with Evan and your cohort to ask your burning questions and learn from one another’s real-life experience

Each month, you’ll talk in-depth with Evan about your particular needs for additional guidance as you implement the program

Each class is accompanied by targeted assignments that guide you step-by-step through putting what you’ve learned into practice

Plus you’ll have:

so if you can’t make it live, you can listen in at your convenience. (And you can email questions ahead of time if you know you are going to miss the Q&A)

Listen in now

Sample Q&A

guiding you step-by-step through those things you might otherwise spend hours learning when you could be seeing clients

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Already have many of these parts in place?

If you need a rapid jump-start for your business and are ready to invest and to get started NOW, Center Institute offers a Solo Intensive Program for the business owner who wants one-on-one guidance from Evan in a concentrated block. Learn more »