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Because being a great therapist isn't enough to build an awesome practice.
Because being a great therapist
isn't enough to build an awesome practice.
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Why identifying your niche is crucial in building a successful psychotherapy practice

When I talk to people about niching, they get freaked out. Almost every-single-person. They see it as limiting. They are afraid it will push people away. That they won’t get referrals. That no one will come see them. They are also terrified that they’re not good enough. That to be a specialist in something, they […]

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When to NOT do it all on your own

Before I had people helping me in my businesses, I did it all. In order to make that actually WORK, you’ve got to schedule time to do billing, to return phone calls, to respond to emails, to do paperwork (which, alas, I still have not figured out how to delegate 😉 ). What this also […]

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Investing in your practice

Last week I talked a bit about Return on Investment and this week I am going to break down the investment of starting a private practice a little further for you. There are certain things you will have to spend money on in building your practice. And there are other things you can spend money on – either for your own sanity or to increase revenue.

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What’s it gonna take?

“What does it take to start a private psychotherapy practice?” I hear this question a lot (along with questions about setting up an LLC or just being a sole proprietor, how to do medical billing, how to get on insurance panels, what to charge for therapy sessions, whether to do sliding scale…). I think that […]

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Why as motivation

Back for more on the why issue? I’m glad you’re still with me. (If you are new to this thread, you can catch up by reading the first in the series here and the second article here.) When I think about what it takes to start a private practice, I think about change. And change […]

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